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Backloading Removal Experts

Island Removals has over three decades of experience in backloading removals in both Tasmania and interstate. When you make a booking with us, you can be sure that your furniture and belongings will be given the proper care and attention needed during the loading process – minimising the risk of damage while in transit.

If you would like to know more about our backloading removal process, contact our team. They will be happy to answer any questions and ensure your move is enjoyable and stress-free.

What Are Backloading Removals? 

Moving from Tasmania to a new home in another state is a major logistical undertaking, and many removal quotes for interstate moves are costly and inconvenient for you and your family.

Backloading is the most cost-effective moving method, where your belongings will be transported in an empty or partly filled removal truck returning from a job. With backloading in Tasmania or interstate, you will only pay for the removal service in one direction. 

Get in touch with our team on 0405 148 886 to discuss and organise our backloading removal service for your family.

Cost-Effective Removals

The most cost-effective, quality removal method in Tasmania & interstate.

Backloading Removal Experts

Island Removals has over 30 years of experience in backloading.

Great Customer Service

Our team will keep you updated as we backload your belongings.

Residential & Commercial

We can organise backloading for house moves and office relocations.

Interstate Backloading Removals

We can help you organise safe and stress-free interstate backloading removals. Whether your business needs to move office furniture and technology or your family is moving house, our team has experience with both small and large-scale interstate backloading removals. 

Get a free, no-obligation quote online for our interstate backloading removal service or call us on 0405 148 886.

Our Backloading Removal Service

Island Removals can transport your items interstate and within Tasmania, including furniture, antiques, appliances, mattresses, fine artwork, technology, and more. Our removalists are experts in securely packing your items into our removal trucks for efficient backloading and safely unpacking them when we arrive at our final destination. 

However, we do not accept dangerous goods that are flammable, corrosive, or explosive, and we cannot transport pets as part of our backloading service. Get in touch with the Island Removals backloading team to discuss what items you need moving and how we can help with our affordable service.

How to Book Backloading Removals for Tasmania or Interstate

Simply fill out our online form to get a free, no-obligation quote for our backloading removal service that is tailored to the scale of your move. For immediate backloading inquiries, don’t hesitate to call us on 0405 148 886. You can also email us at for more information. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us online or phone our office during business hours for a FREE no obligation quotation on your next removal.